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Granta Manufacturing thermoforms both thin and thick gauge plastics. In our thin gauge division we have high speed in-line thermoformers with steel rule die cut, as well as match metal die cutting capabilities. We process many different materials including: HIPS, PET, PETG, PVC, HDPE, ABS, PC, PP, Anti-static materials, FDA grade materials and others with thicknesses from .0015" to .090". Materials can be custom color-matched or clear, black, white, or "natural".

Our thick gauge division has both rotary and large single station equipment, the single stations are primarily used for prototyping and small production runs, while the rotary machines are used for medium to large volume production runs. We can form a maximum sheet size of 4' x 8'.

We also have 3-axis CNC routing cababilities for maximum efficiency and high tolerance repeatable trimming, machining and mold making.


Granta Manufacturing can extrude roll or sheet plastic material in a variety of gauges (.015" - .250") using HIPS, HDPE, ABS, PP and PETG resins. With the extruding and thermoforming being all under one roof, Granta has the capabilities of producing sheet plastic, thermoforming the same sheet into a final product within days, compared to weeks or sometimes months with conventional thermoforming processes.

Metal Fabrication

Grant'a metal fabrication facitlity is capable of low or high volume fabrication of light and heavy gauge steel. Our facility includes press brakes, milling machines, punches, welders and tube benders. Granta also provides our customers with complete powder coating services, using local vendor's a short distance away...........




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